Some Tips on Negotiation

Most real estate experts encourage buyers to learn about the sellerís motivation so they can obtain the best deal possible. For example, a lower price with a speedy escrow may be more acceptable to someone who must move quickly due to a job transfer. People going through a divorce or are eager to move into another home are frequently more receptive to lower offers.

A seller's advertised price should be treated only as a rough estimate of what they would like to receive. Different sellers price houses very differently. Some deliberately overprice, others ask for pretty close to what they hope to get and a few (maybe the cleverest) underprice their houses in the hope that potential buyers will compete and overbid. In considering the list price of a house you're serious about, take the time to learn about the seller's personality.

Some experts discourage making deliberate low-ball offers. While any offer can be presented to the seller, a low-ball offer can sour a prospective sale and discourage the seller from negotiating at all. And unless the house is extremely overpriced, the offer probably will be rejected anyway.

Before making an offer, also investigate how much comparable homes have sold for in the area so that you can determine whether the home is priced right.

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